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30th Aug 2016


Just Say No to Screen Reader Analytics

Do you know what a screen reader is? It’s a piece of software that allows the visually impaired to read text on their digital devices. Digital law specialist Heather Burns...

Archery Bullseyes


05th Aug 2016


Fear Not the Target

A few years ago, I was working with a team on a website redesign. I was in charge of working with the client create KPIs for new site. The client...

Infographic: Every Element Has 1 Job: Screenshot to Infographic


15th Apr 2016


In a Word: Better Conversions

My tenth grade English teacher taught me that every word an author writes is deliberate. She chooses every noun, verb, article, and adjective with precision to create a masterpiece. We...

Notebook with math calculations and a claculator.


09th Oct 2015


Confession: I’ve Never Studied Web Design

My first exposure to website design was in 1996. It was a two hour HTML class, and then made a small website for my work-study job. With just a few...

Screenshot of lots of different Google Analytics Reports.


17th Jun 2015


Client-Worthy Metrics

Almost every digital consultant that I’ve ever worked with or seen work is dealing in data of some kind. It might be conversion rates, open rates, or demographic data. One...