It’s been a heck of a few weeks. Between hurricanes, mass shootings, and all the regular bad stuff that happens on a regular basis, I’m having a hard time knowing where to start.

So I’m going to start with the basics: food. Namely, the food of one of my favorite local chefs, José Andrés. Many years ago, I attended a GW graduation, where he spoke. Honestly, I thought to myself “what can a fancy-pants chef have to say to a bunch of graduates.”

But Andrés isn’t just a chef. He is a force. His speech that day was inspiring. And so have his actions these past few months. He’s doing what he does best. Feeding people. Lots of people. In Puerto Rico, his team at World Central Kitchen has delivered more than 2,000,000 meals to the hurricane-ravaged island.

Through his Twitter Feed, Andrés has taken us on the ground in Puerto Rico. It’s filled with devastation, but also hope.

So please donate to World Central Kitchen today!