Analytics Implementations

You know your analytics needs a revamp. You may already know what needs to be fixed, or you’ve gotten an audit. Now it’s time to make some changes. 

We generally do two-phase implementations. 

In Phase 1, we implement the highest-priority items. These items usually fall into four categories: 

Gears turning
  • Broken elements that impact a significant amount of your traffic or important metrics; 
  • Items that are integral to understanding your primary goals; 
  • Data demanded by an important stakeholder ASAP; 
  • Fixes or changes that may not be important, but that take a low level of effort to implement. If we’re already inside your analytics, there’s efficiency in doing the easy stuff first.

In Phase 2, we implement changes that will help support your decision making. 

All these changes might include: 

  • Setting up cross-domain tracking;
  • Making sure you do not have any problems with referral spam; 
  • Ensuring that all your lead generation forms are consistently tracked; 
  • Setting up eCommerce tracking in your store or donation form; 
  • Creating a custom content engagement metric;
  • Tracking how your audiences engages with your media, such as downloads or videos; 
  • Seeing how users interact with your navigation menus; 
  • Using custom dimensions so that you can divide your content into various categories, such as topic, date of release, or author.

At the end of this project, you will have a revamped suite of Google Analytics data, as well as documentation of the updates and changes.