Analytics Audits

Scenario: Your marketing agency stuck an analytics code snippet on your website a few years ago. They aren’t your marketing agency anymore. And you haven’t looked at it since. 


The data might be fine. Or, it might be full of holes. 

It might be diluted with referral spam. You might be missing valuable conversion information. You might have a technical glitch causing all sorts of bizarre numbers that you can’t explain.

Goldsmith Interactive can conduct an exhaustive audit of your setup. During this audit, we will:

  • Learn all about your organization’s procedures and business goals; 
  • Go over all aspects of your digital presence and see how you collect that data; 
  • Looking at Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other tools to see what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s missing. 

You will receive an Audit and Recommendations report that gives you a clear sense of where you stand, and how to proceed.