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25th Jan 2019


Your Attribution Model Sucks. And It’s No Big Deal.

While on my high school newspaper, I learned about the 5 Ws – Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Organizations want these answers too. They imagine we consultants have a...

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21st Feb 2017


Looking Back To Look Forward

“Today would be a great day to redesign my website! It’s fun to do. And I don’t have anything else going on.” Said no one, ever. We shouldn’t embark on...

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16th Feb 2017


I Still Don’t Like Time On Site. Sorry (Not Sorry)

Even if Session Duration could accurately be measured, I still wouldn't use it to measure user engagement.



30th Aug 2016


Just Say No to Screen Reader Analytics

Do you know what a screen reader is? It’s a piece of software that allows the visually impaired to read text on their digital devices. Digital law specialist Heather Burns...

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05th Aug 2016


Fear Not the Target

A few years ago, I was working with a team on a website redesign. I was in charge of working with the client create KPIs for new site. The client...