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“‘Student Success My Ass’. Schools Are Tracking Students Every Move.


10th Jan 2020


“‘Student Success My Ass’. Schools Are Tracking Students Every Move.

When I read an article about all we are giving up our privacy, I try to read it with a sense of understanding and nuance. I make my living tracking...

User goes from Google to an iFramed page, resulting in a self-referral.

+Google Analytics

21st Mar 2019


Get rid of most (but not all) of your Google Anayltics Self Referrals.

Do you see your own website shows up in your referrals in Google Analytics?  In the analytics biz, we call these “self-referrals.” There are legitimate reasons for self-referrals. But most...

Little girl with a magic wand, waving it in front of a computer.

+Data Strategy

25th Jan 2019


Your Attribution Model Sucks. And It’s No Big Deal.

While on my high school newspaper, I learned about the 5 Ws – Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Organizations want these answers too. They imagine we consultants have a...

Edward Munch's the Scream, with the Caption All the Data will Be Erased


08th Jun 2018


I Broke My Analytics (So You Don’t Have To)

With the the coming of GDPR came new Data Retention settings in Google Analytics. And with that, a lot of people cried that the sky was falling, because ALL THE...

Donation of the Month: October

It’s been a heck of a few weeks. Between hurricanes, mass shootings, and all the regular bad stuff that happens on a regular basis, I’m having a hard time knowing...


27th Sep 2017


Follow ups to the SEO DMV Meetup on 9/26

I want to thank everyone who came out to the SEO DMV Meetup last night. I wanted to give you some additional follow-ups and resources that I mentioned in the...

Donation of the Month: September

Hurricane season has come upon us. It’s been a tough one. And it’s not over yet. Weathering a natural disaster can be difficult for anyone. But it can be devastating...

Donation of the Month: August

My dearest friend, Beth Stevens Caldwell, has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. It’s terminal at diagnosis. Beth is a tenacious activist. She discovered how little attention “Cancer World” pays to...

Donation of the Month: July

Okay, I know it’s August. I’m a little late. But I did not forget! July’s donation goes to ADAPT. ADAPT is the leader in the effort to prevent the repeal...

WordCamp DC Mug half-filled with Coffee


19th Jul 2017


WordCamp DC 2017 Thoughts

It’s been 5 days since I stepped foot into the stunning Carnegie Library for my first WordCamp. It has left an impression. I want to talk about a few of...