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WordCamp DC Mug half-filled with Coffee


19th Jul 2017


WordCamp DC 2017 Thoughts

It’s been 5 days since I stepped foot into the stunning Carnegie Library for my first WordCamp. It has left an impression. I want to talk about a few of...

Donation of the Month: June

I became interested in the Reeve foundation about a year or so ago. My daughter does not have paralysis, but she is in a wheelchair. And some folks told me...

Donation of the Month: May

This month’s donation of the month goes to The Disability Visibility Project. DVP is the brainchild of Alice Wong. It is an online community dedicated to the story and culture...

The Donation of the Month presented to Able Gamers for April


13th Apr 2017


Donation of the Month: April

This month’s donation goes to AbleGamers. AlbeGamers modifies gaming setups for individuals with disabilities. We first encountered AbleGamers with my daughter at an Abilities Expo. Whether it’s special switches, keyboards,...

Donation of the Month: March

March’s Donation of the Month goes to the Friendship Circle of Michigan. They serve the special needs community in Michigan and beyond. Wait a minute, Goldsmith! You’re from New York...

Man on bench looking out


21st Feb 2017


Looking Back To Look Forward

“Today would be a great day to redesign my website! It’s fun to do. And I don’t have anything else going on.” Said no one, ever. We shouldn’t embark on...

Stop Watch


16th Feb 2017


I Still Don’t Like Time On Site. Sorry (Not Sorry)

Even if Session Duration could accurately be measured, I still wouldn't use it to measure user engagement.

Donation of the Month: February

This month’s recipient is The ACLU of Virginia. But it’s not for the reason you think (kind of). The ACLU is all over the place right now. They are breaking...

Donation of the Month: January

This year, I made three resolutions – blog more, donate more, and be more productive. I’m going to hit all three with my new blog feature, Donation of the Month....

Sketch of browsers showing 3 minutes on one, 3 minutes on the other and 15 minutes on one = 6 minutes


18th Oct 2016


I Don’t Trust Session Duration, and Neither Should You.

I think session duration is a crap metric. It’s not just because it’s a misused measure of engagement (and I’m not the only one who thinks so – the Gurus...