MeasureCamp NYC Roundup

MeasureCamp NYC Roundup

So, I am over a week out from MeasureCamp NYC, so here’s the stuff.

For those who listened to me go on and on about Stumpy, read this, and you’ll see why Stumpy Matters.

 I think I was talking about Kosher-style delis in the D.C. Area with Jeff Sauer – it looks like a new one is opening near Nats Park. 

A special shout out to Jerocelle Gingo, not just for being an amazing volunteer but also for saying, “You should do a session on Google Sheets,” and then me saying, “Eh, I’m not prepared,” and then she should say, “You should still do it.”

Thanks to Josh Silverbauer for having the best (only) GTM competition I’ve ever been involved in.

Here are some of the sheets I showed: 
* My “Pick a movie randomizer”
* My “Press Your Luck” emulator
* The YouTube video with the AppScript that sends data from a Google Sheet to BigQuery: – If you want to learn cool stuff about Sheets, he’s the guy. His weekly tips are great. 
* AppScriptPulse. A whole lot of cool App Scripts, founde d(I think) by Martin Hawksey.