An Ode to Measure Slack

An Ode to Measure Slack

Wherein I share the most valuable learning resource in all of analytics. 

I’m a freelancer. A lone wolf. I work alone.

Mrs. Maisel: I'm sorry, I work alone.
Mrs. Maisel: I’m sorry, I work alone.

I love my independence. But even in those greatest freelance moments (working from a winery, anyone…), I miss the camaraderie. The ability to bounce questions off the folks I know will have the answers—the innate desire to share the best online daily game on the Internet right now (hint…it’s Weirdle.)

Measure Slack has entered the chat…

I joined Measure Slack in the summer of 2016. I don’t remember how I found out about it, but now you’re going to find out about it from me. 

I can ask that “dumb question” when I can’t figure something out. There are channels for many of the biggest tools and important questions that folks think about daily.  I usually get an answer, even if sometimes that answer is “do it in BigQuery.” 

But it’s not all work. There’s a “lobby” where folks can discuss almost anything—holidays, soccer, etc. There’s a gamer’s channel. And lately, there has been a music channel where we all share our favorite songs based on a theme. This has caused me to watch the video for “It’s Raining Men” a few more times than I’d like to admit (and now you get to see it too).

So, if you’re not on the Measure Chat, hop along for the ride and say hi!