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Edward Munch's the Scream, with the Caption All the Data will Be Erased


08th Jun 2018


I Broke My Analytics (So You Don’t Have To)

With the the coming of GDPR came new Data Retention settings in Google Analytics. And with that, a lot of people cried that the sky was falling, because ALL THE...


27th Sep 2017


Follow ups to the SEO DMV Meetup on 9/26

I want to thank everyone who came out to the SEO DMV Meetup last night. I wanted to give you some additional follow-ups and resources that I mentioned in the...

Sketch of browsers showing 3 minutes on one, 3 minutes on the other and 15 minutes on one = 6 minutes


18th Oct 2016


I Don’t Trust Session Duration, and Neither Should You.

I think session duration is a crap metric. It’s not just because it’s a misused measure of engagement (and I’m not the only one who thinks so – the Gurus...



30th Aug 2016


Just Say No to Screen Reader Analytics

Do you know what a screen reader is? It’s a piece of software that allows the visually impaired to read text on their digital devices. Digital law specialist Heather Burns...

Mug that says I Heart Spreadsheets


16th Mar 2016


Happy Fun Time with Google Spreadsheets

About three years ago, Google introduced custom dashboards to Google Analytics. And I rejoiced. I was more than ready to cast off MS Excel for the bounty of beautiful, custom...

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22nd Apr 2015


Take Note of Annotations

This week, I gave a presentation at the WordPress DC Meetup. I talked about using Google Analytics to head off SEO disasters. We talked a bit about the Mobilegeddon, now...