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User goes from Google to an iFramed page, resulting in a self-referral.

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21st Mar 2019


Get rid of most (but not all) of your Google Anayltics Self Referrals.

Do you see your own website shows up in your referrals in Google Analytics?  In the analytics biz, we call these “self-referrals.” There are legitimate reasons for self-referrals. But most...

Edward Munch's the Scream, with the Caption All the Data will Be Erased


08th Jun 2018


I Broke My Analytics (So You Don’t Have To)

With the the coming of GDPR came new Data Retention settings in Google Analytics. And with that, a lot of people cried that the sky was falling, because ALL THE...


27th Sep 2017


Follow ups to the SEO DMV Meetup on 9/26

I want to thank everyone who came out to the SEO DMV Meetup last night. I wanted to give you some additional follow-ups and resources that I mentioned in the...

Sketch of browsers showing 3 minutes on one, 3 minutes on the other and 15 minutes on one = 6 minutes


18th Oct 2016


I Don’t Trust Session Duration, and Neither Should You.

I think session duration is a crap metric. It’s not just because it’s a misused measure of engagement (and I’m not the only one who thinks so – the Gurus...



30th Aug 2016


Just Say No to Screen Reader Analytics

Do you know what a screen reader is? It’s a piece of software that allows the visually impaired to read text on their digital devices. Digital law specialist Heather Burns...

Mug that says I Heart Spreadsheets


16th Mar 2016


Happy Fun Time with Google Spreadsheets

About three years ago, Google introduced custom dashboards to Google Analytics. And I rejoiced. I was more than ready to cast off MS Excel for the bounty of beautiful, custom...

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22nd Apr 2015


Take Note of Annotations

This week, I gave a presentation at the WordPress DC Meetup. I talked about using Google Analytics to head off SEO disasters. We talked a bit about the Mobilegeddon, now...